Homeward Bound Pets (HBPets), Oregon’s first no kill animal shelter, was founded in 1975 with the goal of finding homes for all unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in Yamhill County.  Since then, tens of thousands of pets live happier, healthier, and safer lives because of HBPets!

In order for HBPets to continue its critical work for decades to come, we must build a new shelter and office building. We need your help! Together, we can make it happen!

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We have raised $2,356,300, but we need your help to reach our goal! Together, we will provide shelter, love, and medical care to vulnerable pets while building the future of our organization.

The Need

Unfortunately, our current shelter and office facilities are over 90 years old and are beyond repair. HBPets has spent considerable amounts of its limited resources on maintenance over the past 42 years, but the facilities are now failing.

In March 2022, two of the three catteries were closed because they were unsafe for cats, staff, and volunteers. Dog kennels are cramped and nearly impossible to clean. The buildings will not be functional must longer.  A cleaner, healthier environment is critical for animals and humans!

The Vision for Our New Facility

A new animal shelter is necessary in order for Homeward Bound Pets to house animals in a healthy, low stress environment. This is especially crucial for animals that come to us needing longer stays and extensive rehabilitation for medical or behavioral reasons.

Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient shelter that provides animals with room to exercise, proper temperature control and ventilation, lots of natural light, noise control, and areas that welcome the public and potential adopters. Our staff, our volunteers, the community, and most importantly the animals will all benefit from having a healthier, safer, and low stress environment.

Naming Opportunities are available for gifts of $20,000 and above. Click HERE for more information!

Benefits Of A New Shelter

The new building will be a permanent home for our organization that doubles the current space, increases efficiency, and enhances the shelter and adoption experience for pets and their future families.

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for temperature control and clean, odor-free and uncontaminated air throughout the animal housing areas
  • Floors sloped to individual drains, eliminating trench drains that are difficult to clean and cause cross-contamination
  • Double compartments and movable doors, allowing dogs to eliminate away from their beds, food, and water
  • A large outdoor dog run providing safe and spacious area or friendly dog play and daily
  • Kennels arranged to prevent dogs from seeing each other, thereby reducing barking and stress
  • Kennels acoustically designed to absorb
  • Two isolation kennels for quarantined dogs
  • Two bright and spacious indoor “get acquainted” pet adoption areas allowing for private and positive interactions between dogs and potential adopters
  • Three free roam catteries with adjustable lighting to create a warm, low-stress atmosphere
  • A welcoming lobby for guests; conference and training room, storage rooms, kitchen, and offices for staff and volunteers
  • Licensing & Redemption Office easily accessible in the lobby

The new shelter will mean our animals will be healthier, increasing adoptions and decreasing medical expenses. Maintenance costs will decrease, allowing HBpets to spend more money where it will have the most impact – helping animals! Staff will be happier and volunteer numbers will increase as a result of a cleaner, safer environment.

Our Proposed Budget

HBPets selected a team of professionals, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring the construction is of the best quality with the least life cycle cost, using a value engineering construction approach. Value engineering construction is a calculated, systematic approach to ensuring the necessary functions of the project are created with the lowest cost materials and components, while not effecting the quality of the project.

Building on the site of our current home allows us to save on property costs, but will require us to incur operating expenses in temporary facilities during construction.

Who Is Building Our Future?

Logo’s for: Bruce Kenny, Terra Calc, Haworth, Paige Benner

We Need Your Help!

Please help us reach our goal to build a new shelter and office building. With your support, together we can help save countless dogs and cats that would otherwise be left behind.

Through our Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future capital campaign, we offer a variety of ways to get involved, including donations of money, services, and goods. Naming opportunities are available.

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Your contribution, no matter how large or small, will help make our dream shelter a reality.

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Our animals, staff, and volunteers thank you!!