Feral Cats

We are pleased to offer a new feral cat package for the dedicated members of this community that work to decrease the pet overpopulation problem by trapping and fixing untamed, untouchable, aggressive, outdoor cats without owners. By definition feral cats are not tame and cannot be picked up and put in a carrier or easily handled. The discounted price we offer for feral cats is not covered by the grants we receive for our low-income clients. This package and discount were designed and funded by donations from our volunteers and caring members of the community who have a passion for feral cats.

Call to schedule appointments or to let us know you are trapping. We will let you know if there are better days to trap or days we can not accommodate extra feral cats. When you arrive, please check-in at the front desk. After checking in we will have you bring the trap in through the back door. At pick up, check-in at the front desk. When finished we will meet you at the back door with your trap and cat.

Our Feral Cat Package includes flank spay** or neuter surgery, rabies and FVRCP vaccination, flea treatment, ear mite treatment, and ear tipping* for a discounted $55*** per cat.

* Ear Tipping – Cats will have the tip of their right ear clipped. This is a universal sign to indicate the cat has been spayed or neutered. This allows trappers to see from a distance that a cat has been fixed so it does not have to be trapped again. This mark is in place of the small green tattoo on the abdomen of tame pets that can be handled.

** A flank spay is a normal full cat spay but instead of shaving the belly of the cat, the side of the cat is shaved, and the small surgery incision is made through the right side of the cat. This allows the cat to be released outside the next day after surgery without risk of incision complications from being overactive. This also allows greater visibility of the surgery site so that problems can be addressed if needed.

*** To qualify for the $55 price the feral cat must be brought in a cat size trap (not a carrier). Feral cats in large raccoon traps, or cat carriers present a greater risk to our staff and volunteers for injury. Please respect the safety of our crew and use the proper trap and container for feral cats.

*** To qualify for the $55 price, the feral cat will receive the ear tip and females will receive the flank spay. If you do not wish to have any of these procedures performed, you can schedule for a routine spay/neuter at the regular price.