Spay / Neuter Surgery

Registration and What You Need to Know Before Your Pet’s Surgery

Please read this whole page before your appointment

To Make an appointment call: 503-472-0341, ext 2 or complete our online form.

    • Have the following information: your pets name, breed, age, color and list of any medications or medical conditions. Drop off time is by appointment but will be between: 7:30-8:30. Pick up time is also by appointment, between 2:00-3:00.
    • You will be emailed the week of your appointment and called the evening before your appointment with your exact pick up and drop off times.
    • Surgery authorization forms are emailed and may be returned by
      • Email [email protected]
      • Text Photo of the completed form to 971-267-2567
      • Print and bring to the appointment
      • If you are unable to print the form, we will have printed copies available at drop off.
    • Pets must have food taken away by midnight the night before their scheduled appointment/surgery. Make sure water is available to them. Pets three months or younger may have food until 5 am the morning of surgery.Pets should be confined the night before surgery to control their access to food. Any pets that remain outside and unconfined or that have eaten overnight will not be admitted for surgery.
    • If you completed the registration of your pet(s) by phone there will be a printed surgery authorization form for you to fill out and sign the morning of your appointment for each pet.
    • If you think your female pet is in heat or pregnant, please still plan to have them spayed. An animal that is in heat or pregnant can safely be spayed; however if near term we reserve the right to reschedule the surgery until after delivery. Please put any information on the above surgery form.If your pet is currently nursing, the mother can be returned to her kittens or puppies after surgery and continue nursing.
    • In addition to the attentive care your pet receives, our veterinarians keep updated on the optimum surgery techniques to keep your pet safe, decrease surgery time, and improve healing. Dog Neuters are performed through a small scrotal incision which is often less irritating for the male dog and heals more rapidly than the traditional incision above the scrotum.
    • Female cats and dogs, and male dogs all receive a green line tattoo on the abdomen near the incision to show they have been fixed.
    • A Home Care Instruction sheet will be given to you and explained by our Vet Technician at discharge.
    • Plan ahead to have a warm, comfortable space indoors to confine your pets for at least a couple of days while they recover from surgery.
    • Payment in FULL is made on pick-up of your pet. See price list for fees. We accept cash, Credit Cards and Debit Cards; sorry we do not take checks.If the prices strain your budget, we do offer financial assistance to qualified low-income citizens who can document. (See Financial Assistance Program to learn more.)
    • We can spay or neuter kittens when they weight 2 pounds minimum, approximately 8-10 weeks old. Puppies may be spayed or neutered when at least 6 weeks old.
    • All dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier and all cats must be in a carrier. ONE cat per carrier unless kittens are less that 3 months old. Feral cats MUST be in a trap, not a carrier. If you do not have a carrier, you may borrow one at our clinic, call us at 971-267-2567 to arrange to pick one up ahead of time; there is a refundable deposit.
    • Our clinic cannot treat sick or injured animals. If your pet is sick or injured, please call your regular veterinarian. This clinic provides elective spay/neuter surgery for healthy pets only. See our list of Veterinary clinics in Yamhill County.
    • We recommend you obey the Oregon State Law that requires all dogs to have a rabies vaccination. If your dog has not had a rabies vaccination, we can administer it at the time of surgery for a fee of $15.00.