There are several steps you can take to keep your pets safe and increase their chances of being returned to your home should they become lost.

  • Your pet should wear a collar and ID tags at all times.
  • License your pet; it’s the first step in ensuring they are returned to you if they become lost. HBPets now offers Licensing and Redemption services for Yamhill County Dog Control.  For more information, please call 503-472-0341 ext 4.
  • Have your pet microchipped. Microchips are an implanted form of identification equipped to access your contact information when scanned at a veterinary clinic or shelter. HBPets offers micro-chips at our spay/neuter clinic and you can make an appointment by calling 503-472-0341 ext 2.
  • Spay/neuter your pet. Studies have shown that sterilized animals are less likely to roam.
  • Keep them safe when you’re out and about. Animals love the outdoors but it is our responsibility to protect them. Always leash your animals when outside. Keep them close to home and away from traffic, unfamiliar animals and those who may not concern themselves with your pet’s best interests.
  • Leave them comfortable at home. Never leave your dog leashed outside a store or unattended in the car, even if it’s locked or the windows are rolled down.

By following these steps, your pet can be safe and if they should become lost, you have a better chance of them being reunited with your family.