Planned Giving

Invest in the Future of Homeward Bound Pets

Homeward Bound Pets has a forward thinking mentality; we are committed to serving McMinnville and Yamhill County for a long time. We have created various ways for you to support HBPets’ financial future. There are two main funds you can contribute to, managed through Headwater Investment Consulting. These accounts are conservatively invested, and reviewed by the board of directors periodically. This way we are able to earn income, instead of the money sitting in cash.

Reserve Fund: This fund is for medium term saving and investment. This is where the organization saves for bigger projects, such as the construction of a new shelter.

Endowment Fund: This fund is part of the McMinnville Area Community Foundation (MACF). It is set up to support Homeward Bound Pets in perpetuity. Every year HBPets is entitled to a distribution from the endowment. The larger we grow the endowment, the larger distribution we get from MACF every year.

We recommend you talk with your tax and or financial professional to consider donating to either of these funds. We can facilitate donations of securities into either of these accounts with help from Headwater Investment Consulting who manage our accounts.

Please remember HBPets in your Will and Trusts

Your planned gift can be used to sustain a program, provide program growth, establish endowments, or create new programs to reach cats and dogs in need. A planned gift will combine your philanthropic intent with tax advantages, helping your own financial objectives while investing in the future of Homeward Bound Pets.

Current Gift of Appreciated Stock or Real Estate: The Smart way to give

Do you own assets that have substantially increased in value over the years? Donated assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate may provide you with an income tax deduction based on the fair market value of a gift and eliminate all capital gains taxes. This would allow you to make a substantially greater gift (typically between 45-70 percent) than you otherwise would have thought possible for the same out of pocket cost.

Bequest: The simplest way to leave a substantial gift

The simplest form of planned giving is a bequest made in a Will, where a supporter agrees to leave specific assets or a portion of their estate to Homeward Bound Pets. It is as simple as adding an amendment to your will stating, “I give ($ or %) of my estate to Homeward Bound Pets of McMinnville, OR.” This is the most common planned gift and it may provide your estate with valuable tax savings.

Life Insurance: A large gift with a small cost

One of the best ways to make a significant contribution is to give a life insurance policy to HBPets. You may do this in a number of ways; give a policy you no longer need, take out a new policy, or name HBPets as a beneficiary on an existing policy.

Charitable Trust: Substantial benefits to the donor

Do you own low yielding assets like real estate or securities that have appreciated in value? Is your objective to sell those assets and reinvest in higher income vehicles? A charitable trust might be your answer. The trust may help you: eliminate capital gains taxes, reduce or eliminate estate taxes, improve your lifetime cash flow, and when coupled with an asset replacement trust, can give your heirs the same amount you gave to HBPets.

Charitable Gift Annuity: A guaranteed income stream for life

A charitable annuity allows you to contribute assets to HBPets and receive a charitable deduction. In turn, we will provide you with a guaranteed income stream for life (the payout will be contingent upon personal factors of the donor). This vehicle can ease the worries of outliving your resources and provide a high rate of return coupled with numerous tax advantages.

What is best to give?

Please consult your tax, financial or legal advisor concerning any gift arrangements you are considering.

Learn more about the Homeward Bound Pets Endowment Fund

In December 2014, Homeward Bound Pets started an endowment fund in partnership with the McMinnville Area Community Foundation (MACF).
An endowed fund is an investment account where the principal forever remains intact, but annual distributions are sent to the organization to use as desired to further its mission.

The MACF generously offers its organizational structure and fund management services to local non-profit organizations that would be unable to start an endowment fund on their own.  Association with MACF provides HBPets a larger pool of endowed funds, greater diversification of investments and professional investment managers at Headwater Investment Consulting of McMinnville to oversee our endowment fund.

Homeward Bound Pets benefits from an endowment fund as it will:

  • Provide a permanent source of predictable operational income from yearly distributions that will increase as the fund grows
  • Provide a means to solicit gifts and bequests that assures donors their donations will serve HBPets in perpetuity
  • Provide financial stability to an organization dependent solely on donations
  • Help assure the future existence of HBPets as an organization

Consider becoming a shareholder in our vision for the future of Homeward Bound Pets with a designated donation to our endowment fund.  For further information, please contact Dawn Vyette Witt at 971-237-1604.

McMinnville Area Community Foundation Board:
Dave Haugeberg, Attorney, Board President
Diane Haugeberg, Tax Attorney
Steve Fitzpatrick, CPA
Scott Chambers, Financial Advisor, Headwater Investment Consulting
Bruce Wyatt, Retired Linfield College Vice PresidentFundraising
Rene’ Bittle, Executive VP and Chief Savings Officer, First Federal Savings and Loan